You Shouldn’t Have to Suffer Due to Someone Else’s Negligence

Negligence is the most popular claim in civil litigation and personal injury law.
It can involve property damage or bodily injury.
Negligence occurs when someone fails to act in a reasonable manner and, and as result, someone else suffers injury.

Examples of Negligence

The most important factor is the loss or injury suffered by you as a result of the action, or inaction, of another.
Common cases of negligence include:

  • Being involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Mistakes made during construction and construction site injuries
  • Negligent supervision in day cares and nursing homes

Proving Negligence or Defending Against a Negligence Lawsuit

If you are the plaintiff, you bear the burden of proof in negligence cases.
If you are the defendant, you want to defend your actions as being reasonable under the circumstances.
At BEK Law, we will do extensive research and investigation into your case to uncover the evidence necessary to prove or disprove negligence.

The Impact of Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence is a recent addition to negligence law.
Comparative negligence laws reduce your recovery by the percentage of fault that you must bear for partially causing your injuries.
If an insurance company is involved, you can bet that they will be blaming you for causing your injuries.

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