Defamation of Character – Libel / Slander


Defamation of Character – Libel / Slander / False Light Invasion of Privacy

What is Libel, Slander, and Defamation of Character? Have You Been Defamed?

Aside from your health, nothing is more important in this world than your reputation.
A bad reputation can ruin your life, so don’t let someone smear your good name or the goodwill of your business.
Defamation of character occurs when someone writes or says something untrue about you to another person.

  • Libel refers to written defamatory language read by another person. For example, untrue statements written about you in newspapers, websites, facebook, blogs and in emails.
  • Slander refers to untrue statements about you heard by another person. For example, gossip, smack talk, and trash talk.
  • Invasion of Privacy refers to words or writings that aren’t necessarily untrue, but the overall impression created places you in a false light.

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