Assault & Battery


Assault & Battery

If Someone Injures You Intentionally, We Will Make Them Pay for It

Assault and attempted battery are intentional torts.
The key element is intent, and someone else’s intent is one of the most difficult things to prove in court.
At BEK Law, we have a successful track record of proving intent to juries.

Assault & Battery – The Distinction

Though usually grouped together, assault and battery are actually two different legal claims.
Assault is when someone places you in a legitimate fear of an offensive touching. For example, punching at your face but stopping an inch from your nose.
Battery is an offensive touching that requires actual contact. For example, punching someone in the face is battery.
Although an assault and attempted battery require intentional conduct, battery can be accidental. For example, someone swatting at a fly and accidentally slapping you.
This complexity within the personal injury law related to assault and battery is why you should seek professional legal help without delay from BEK Law.

Get Damages for Your Suffering

Because the conduct involved may have been intentional, insurance coverage might not apply because most insurance policies exclude intentional conduct.
When insurance coverage isn’t available, we determine the collectibility of the proposed defendant and determine whether money will be available for your injuries.
At BEK Law, our attorneys are experienced at understanding whether coverage applies to your case and obtaining you the highest possible settlement or verdict.

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