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Consumer Law

Do You Hate Telemarketers? Are You Tired of Receiving Robo Calls?

The increase in use of Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems (ATDS) and pre-recorded messages has increased telemarketing.
Although the Do Not Call Registry has been around for more than a decade, businesses still call your number even if it’s on the Do Not Call Registry.
Now that many of us use our cell phones as our primary phone, telemarketers are calling your cell phone and costing you money.

Suing Telemarketers for Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act / TCPA

First, it is illegal for a telemarketer to call a number on the Do Not Call Registry, and you could receive $500 for each call.
Second, it is illegal to robo call a cell phone, which means using an Automatic Telephone Dialing System or a pre-recorded message.
Third, TCPA damages may be stacked, which could entitle you to $3,000 per call for violations of the cell phone prohibitions and the Do Not Call provisions.

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