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Planning to Develop Real Estate? The Smallest Legal Tangle Can Eat Up Your Profit

Real estate itself comes with a host of legal implications that multiply when you seek to develop your property.
Whether you’re involved in residential or commercial real estate, there are a number of laws affecting real estate with which you must comply.
Therefore, if you have a real estate dispute or you plan to develop real estate, then your best bet is to hire an attorney experienced in real estate law.

The Stages of Real Estate Development

Our attorneys will advise you on the consequences of your proposed action through the various stages of the development process, including:

  • Planning: Identifying legal obstacles, and providing you the advice necessary to get through it
  • Purchasing Land: Negotiating and drafting purchase agreements, closing on real estate transactions, and recording the deeds
  • Financing: Drafting deeds and contracts to secure financing and manage loans
  • Construction: Overseeing and resolving all issues related to construction law
  • Management: Negotiating and drafting property management agreements

Real Estate Litigation

If you are involved in a real estate dispute or a dispute over the development of your real estate, then we are the firm for you.
Our experience in a variety of real estate transactions coupled with our litigation background sets us apart from the competition.
Common types of real estate litigation include:

  • Fraud: Non-disclosure of essential information
  • Quiet Title: Claims of ownership or liens that encumber or prevent the transfer of the deed
  • Easement and Neighbor Disputes: Determining and settling neighboring property rights
  • Construction: Usually a builder’s negligence, excavator’s negligence, or roofer’s negligence
  • Zoning and Land Use Disputes: Government restrictions, permitting, and variances

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