Insurance Claims


Insurance Claims

Submitting an Insurance Claim

If you want to increase the likelihood of getting your insurance claim covered, then have an attorney submit your important claims for you.
Far too many people believe their insurance company will do the right thing.
Your insurance company has a contract with you – that’s it!
The insuring agreement requires the insurance company to pay your claim only if the claim is covered by the insurance policy.
But, here’s the catch: the insurance company interprets the policy and decides whether your claim is covered.
That’s right – the party that may have to pay you a significant amount of money gets to decide if they are going to pay or not.

Get Your Insurance Claim Paid

Before you file an important insurance claim, have an attorney read your policy and tell you what is and what isn’t covered.
Insurance companies have a proven track record for denying valid claims.
To determine whether coverage exists, insurance companies rely heavily on the words you use when you submit your claim.
Stated another way, anything you say can and will be used against you.
When a claims adjuster shows up in your hospital room asking for your version of the events, he isn’t there because the insurance company cares about you.
The insurance company just wants to hear what you have to say before you get a chance to talk to an attorney.

Insurance Dispute Litigation

Insurance companies are very experienced at litigation and the practice of law.
Their entire business model is:

  • Playing the financial market with your insurance premiums
  • Spending your insurance premiums on expensive marketing campaigns
  • Paying insurance claims
  • Denying insurance claims
  • Paying lawyers to litigate against insureds who believe their claims were wrongly denied
  • Paying lawyers to lobby politicians to make laws that are more favorable to insurance companies

Don’t accept the insurance company’s denial of your claim to be the final word on whether your claim is covered.
At BEK Law, we have experience working for the insurance companies both as a former claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney.
Having been behind enemy lines, our familiarity with the inner workings of the insurance industry is now available for your benefit.

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