Contract Law

Everyday business requires the negotiating, drafting and signing of contracts.
Without contracts, your business will not be able to operate smoothly or with certainty.
Most contract issues arise from a misunderstanding of the terms and conditions contained in the contract.
So, do yourself a favor and seek our advice before signing important contracts.

Drawing Up a Contract / Drafting a Contract / The Unauthorized Practice of Law

The most common mistake we see is business owners drafting contracts for their businesses without the assistance of an attorney.
In doing so, the business owner may be rendering the contract void and personally committing the unauthorized practice of law.
Non-lawyers cannot legally draft contracts for third parties, which includes entities such as corporations and limited liability companies.
So, if you aren’t a lawyer and you’re drafting contracts for your corporation or LLC without the assistance of counsel, then you are probably breaking the law.

Contract Litigation

Litigating over contracts is common practice for many businesses.
If you enter into contracts, then you should know what an efficient breach is and when it makes sense to breach a contract intentionally.
However, you cannot determine whether it is more efficient to breach the contract rather than perform unless you know how much to expect in litigation costs.
Don’t wait until you’re already in a breach of contract lawsuit before finding a good contract litigator.

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