Condominium Law


Condominium Law

Condominium Development and the Condo Docs / Master Deed / Condominium Bylaws

If you plan to develop a site condominium in northern Michigan, then you need an attorney to draft the Master Deed and the Condominium Bylaws.
As your condominium development attorney, we will stand by your side through transition of control to the co-owners.
At BEK Law, we have experience dealing with a variety of issues faced by condominium developers.

Condominium Homeowners’ Association / HOA

If you live in a newer subdivision in Northern Michigan, then chances are that your housing development is a site condominium.
Condominiums are operated by the condominium’s homeowners’ association, which is managed by a board of directors.
The homeowners’ association’s board of directors must comply with, or amend, the condominium bylaws.
Because homeowners’ associations face a number of legal questions, your HOA should have a condominium law attorney on retainer to promptly provide the answers.

Condominium Litigation

When condominium litigation arises, we are the firm for you.
This is true regardless of whether you’re the developer, the homeowners’ association, or just a member of the homeowners’ association.
Given our familiarity with condominium development, the Michigan Condominium Act, and civil litigation, we are uniquely skilled at condominium litigation.
Common parties to condominium litigation include:

  • Developer versus homeowners’ association / HOA versus developer
  • Homeowners’ association versus a member of the homeowners’ association / HOA versus co-owner / co-owner versus HOA
  • Homeowners’ association versus a third-party infringing on the rights of the co-owners of the condominium

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Whether you’re a condominium developer, a condominium homeowners’ association, or simply a member of a homeowners’ association, give us a call to speak to an experienced condominium law attorney in Northern Michigan today. Or, schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns with an experienced condominium law attorney in Traverse City.


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