Business Law


Business Law

Hiring a Business Law Attorney can be Very Beneficial

Complying with the law is easier said than done.
When running a business, whether startup or established, you are bound to encounter a number of legal problems.
The most common mistake we see is when business owners draft contracts for their corporations, limited liability companies, or professional liability companies.
Most business owners don’t realize that drafting a contract for their entity equates to the unauthorized practice of law, and it can void your contract.
That is why hiring an experienced business lawyer can prove to be a shrewd decision in the long run.

Give us a call. We don’t charge until we provduce something of value for your business.

The Right Approach to Business Law

The standard practice of most attorneys is to deal with issues as they arise.
At BEK Law, we seek to keep you out of litigation by counseling you on potential issues before they arise.
Being proactive ensures the issues don’t grow into expensive litigation so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business.

The Scope of Business Law

At BEK Law, we advise a variety of businesses with regards to:

  • Formation of a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or other entity
  • Contracts and Operating Agreements
  • Licensing, copyright, and trademarks
  • Business Litigation and Insurance Claims
  • Purchase of a Business, or Sale of a Business

Business owners already have too much to deal with on a daily basis, so it makes perfect sense to have a qualified and experienced business attorney in your corner to deal with the legal aspect of your decisions in advance.

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