Commercial Litigation


Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is notorious for its complexity.
Having handled medical malpractice defense for some of the largest and most prominent hospitals in New York City, to proving real estate development fraud and piercing the corporate veil, our commercial litigator is ready to conquer whatever challenge your case has to offer.
At BEK Law, we think outside the box while always focusing on how to obtain you the best return on your investment.

What is a Commercial Litigation Attorney’s Range?

There area number of areas of law where you’ll need a commercial litigator, including:

  • Business Law: Business law governs the formation, operations, and termination of business operations
  • Condominium Law: Condominium law in Northern Michigan mostly deals with the building, operating, and transition of control of site condos
  • Construction Law: Every excavation and construction company embarking on a new project needs to comply with the applicable regulations
  • Contracts: The smooth operation of any business is not possible without an attorney to draft your contracts for you
  • Fraud: Fraud is most common in commercial litigation and it can destroy your bottom line
  • Insurance Claims: Insurance companies use all sorts of ways to get out of honoring valid claims
  • Real Estate Development: One false step in developing real estate and you can kiss your profit margin goodbye

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