Autos, Trucks & Motorcycles


Autos, Trucks & Motorcycles

In America, over 2 million people are injured in motor vehicle crashes and more than 30,000 people die in car accidents each year.
If you’ve suffered serious injury in a road accident, you are entitled to financial damages as compensation for your disability, loss of income, and pain and suffering.
We don’t get paid until you collect, and we’ll gladly take your case to trial to obtain you the highest possible settlement or verdict for your injuries.

Cases of Car Crashes

Car accidents in Michigan almost always involve an insurance company, and insurance companies deny valid insurance claims all the time.
Sometimes they do it just to improve their bargaining power so they don’t have to pay you what you’re really owed, and they do it with your own words.
So, don’t talk to the insurance company before you call an experienced attorney at BEK Law.
They call attorneys ambulance chasers, but their claims adjuster will be calling you in the hospital before you’ve even had a chance to find an attorney.

Cases that Involve Trucks

Most motor vehicle crashes that involve trucks involve serious injuries.
Often, these accidents can be fatal for the driver of a car involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer.
If you’ve been seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash with a truck, give us a call.

Cases that involve Motorcycles

Since motorcycles are lighter in weight, accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious injuries to the motorcyclist.
At BEK Law, we understand how much you love biking, and we’ll include the value of the loss of that enjoyment as part of your damages.

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